Annie MacAulay

Annie MacAulay is a forerunner and naturalist in the environmental movement. She has started three organizations (Mountain and Sea Adventures, YWAM Catalina Island, and Heal The Land & Sea), which impart hope, knowledge, passion and stewardship for the land and sea. She and her husband Fran bring a fresh uplifting message highlighting our part in “tending the garden”.

Annie and Fran give a biblical understanding of why we as God’s sons and daughters must take our rightful place and become excellent stewards of what He called very good. First hand stories of God’s healing of the land and sea brings courage to task ahead as we learn how to bless and heal the land; Catalina Island has seen species return as they pray and bless the land.

Annie is an ordained minister and member of Harvest International Ministry and has a science degree from Azusa Pacific University. She has over 20 years in the marine science education field. Her passion is contagious and her message timely for this generation.

Programs that Annie has founded…


Mountain and Sea
Educational Adventures

Mountain and Sea Educational Adventures is advancing God’s Kingdom through imparting hope for the environment.

Since 1997 when Annie founded MSA she has been depositing hope into young people as they experience God’s creation first hand.  Over seventy thousand have attended their camps, learning to steward both the land and the sea as well as overcome fears and become world changers.

MSA camps are located in Catalina Island, Newport Beach, San Pedro and Big Bear.


YWAM Catalina Island

YWAM Catalina Island was founded by Annie and her husband Francisco Tablas in 2013.

The mission of YWAM is to Know God and Make Him Known.  YWAM CI emphasis is Justice and Green.  Our heart is to be a part of the abolishment of human trafficking as we work in Mexico, Cambodia and Thailand.  Everything we do has a movement toward environmental justice and awareness.  We are learning how to bless, heal and steward God’s creation throughout the world.


Heal the Land and Sea

Annie and her husband Francisco have led tours in Catalina Island, Alaska, Mexico, Thailand and Hawaii.  Their passion for God’s creation arises hope and awareness in individuals as they link arms with them in learning to heal the land.



1) Come On Our Heal The Land & Sea Eco Tour For Hands On Learning!

Adult: $295    REGISTER
Child: $195     REGISTER

Board the mini cruise ship Enhydra at the port in San Pedro and depart for a weekend at Santa Catalina Island. Attend Environmental Reformation lectures, snorkel, kayak, and hiking tours.

2) Attend Our Free Seminar

Friday, September 14th, 2018 | 3:00p to 8:00p

Come aboard the Enhydra and tour the harbor around LA and Long Beach, pray over the seals and other marine life, and find out more about how you can be a part of Heal The Leand & Sea!

3) Join Our Team!

Be a part of our World Changers Team! There are all sorts of opportunities to serve and contribute to our efforts. Come volunteer on our ship or be a part of our Prophetic Intercessors Team!